We have a small, close-nit team with varied and complimentary skills. 

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The Owner of Contemporary Kitchen Design, Mark has been in the  kitchen industry for 20 years.

Mark's passion is quality; making sure that the design is transformed into a top end, high quality kitchen you can be proud of.

A keen fisherman, Mark, his wife Sophie, two children Kaylee and Liam and Boris the dog, love being out on the water.


Our Design/Sales Manager, Laurie has been in the kitchen & furniture industry for 45 years.

Laurie's passion is first and foremost people, making sure that customers are listened to, consulted and excited about their kitchen

A hunter/fisherman, Laurie, his wife Leesa and Laurie's twin sons, Ben and David and two dogs, Ike and Bella, lead an active social life.

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Our manufacturer; Neil makes all the cabinetry for Contemporary Kitchen Design.

Neil has an eye for detail and loves to create a masterpiece for clients.

Also an avid fisherman, Neil takes every opportunity to take to the water! He and his wife, Jackie, had three children and have always lived locally.