Our Design/Sales Manager, Laurie has been in the industry for 45 years.  His passion first and foremost is people, making sure that customers are listened to and consulted.


​Laurie will meet with you and the conversation you have with him will ultimately result in a kitchen design that's tailor made for you and your culinary space.


​Produced using 20/20 Design Software, your design will be presented back to you with 3D images so you can real get a feel for your new kitchen. Any alternations or changes can be made at this time, before finalising the design.


Quality is our absolute guarantee!


Once you approve the design, it goes into our Warkworth based factory for manufacture.  Mark Gundesen, company owner, oversees this process, ensuring the design is transformed into a top end, high quality kitchen you can be proud of.

Neil Thomson, fabricator, has been working with Contemporary Kitchen Design for over a year and has produced some sensational design pieces for our clients.